David Randolph

  • Principal investigator
  • PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Barbara Di Eugenio

  • Academic advisor and sponsor of research
  • Professor of Computer Science at UIC
  • Director of NLP Laboratory at UIC

Committee members

Angus Forbes

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UIC
  • Researcher at UIC Electronic Visualization Lab (Creative Coding Research Group)

Piotr Gymtrasiewicz

  • Associate Professor of Computer Science at UIC
  • Researcher in Artificial Intelligence Lab at UIC

Steven Jordan

  • Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at UIC
  • Pianist

Christopher Raphael

  • Professor of Informatics at Indiana University
  • Adjunct Professor of Music
  • CTO of Sonation


Ivana Bukvich

  • Musical consultant
  • Collaborative Pianist and applied piano faculty at UIC
  • Head of Piano Department at Sherwood Conservatory
  • MM in Piano Performance, Indiana University

Anne Ferguson Laird

  • Musical consultant
  • Private piano instructor
  • MM in Piano Performance, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Vice-President of Operations at Tuning Bell Studios

Tim Gutowski

  • Software consultant 
  • Senior Developer at Trilogy Interactive
  • MS in Computer Science, University of Chicago

David Meyer

  • Hardware consultant
  • Design Engineer at Boeing
  • Owner of EigenVector Golf
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Richard Parncutt