We are pleased to introduce abcDE, the Didactyl Editor for the abc music notation system.

abcDE was originally conceived as a utility to assist researchers who are investigating the piano fingering problem. As such, it provides a convenient and user-friendly way to collect fingering data. Its benefits to researchers include the following:
  • Easily deployable as a web application
  • Highly usable, with a WYSIWYG paradigm to reduce data entry errors
  • Scalable for data collection on the web (no more transcription of hand-written annotations)
  • Configurable, with experimental design in mind
  • Interoperable with Qualtrics survey tool (via its JavaScript API)
  • Compatible with standardized, well-documented, and expressive new data file format (no need to roll your own)
  • Flexible with respect to input definition (abc or the popular MusicXML format)
  • Affordable (free as in beer!)
  • Editable as open-source software (free as in speech!)
This editor promises to reduce the opportunity costs of researchers who wish to explore this problem domain.

It may also be of interest to any pianist who would like an easy way to create nicely engraved scores that reflect their personal fingering preferences.

An alpha release of the editor is available. Please note that this is a work in progress and has not been tested thoroughly. For best results, please use Chrome.

You may also review the draft online documentation for the editor and a detailed description of its native file format, abcD, which is an extension of abc.

For more details, see our extended abstract and poster from the ISMIR 2016 conference.